Service Log

Note: the odometer was removed from the bike as part of race prep, so mileage is not indicated. Mileage at purchase (Aug. 22, 2010) was 12,855 miles.

Date Service Price Weight change (total wt) Notes
August 21, 2010 Cleaned camchain tensioner $0 0 Cleaned before purchase, trying to track down noisy rattle at idle
August 22, 2010 Adjusted drive chain tension $2 0 Drive chain was comically loose. Replaced stripped adjuster bolt on left swingarm adjuster.
August 28, 2010 Replaced drive chain and front sprocket $40 0 Used plain 520 chain (no O-rings), JT 14T front sprocket
August 28, 2010 Replaced aft engine mount bolts $7 0 Lower bolt was unuseable (damaged threads), upper bolt was ok, replaced it anyway. Replaced with stainless steel M10x130 bolts.
August 28, 2010 Adjusted valves $0 0 Half the valves were a bit tight, but nothing dramatic.
August 28, 2010 Replaced missing engine mount bolt $0 +15g Aft left bolt holding the left front engine mount bracket was missing.
August 28, 2010 Replaced coolant with Water Wetter mix $16 0 none
August 28, 2010 Safety wired coolant and oil drain plugs $0 0 none
August 28, 2010 Replaced rear shock $26 0 Used stock '08 shock from Ebay, preload set to highest value
September 5, 2010 Replaced front fork springs and oil $100 0 Used .95 kg/mm Sonic springs, 20W fork oil. Preload spacers used as directed (110mm long, I think).
September 5, 2010 Removed fairings $0 -5.6kg none
September 5, 2010 Removed headlight and gauges $0 -2.95kg none
September 5, 2010 Removed sidestand and centerstand $0 -2.3kg Replaced sidestand plate bolts with shorter M10x30 bolts to retain fairing stay.
September 5, 2010 Removed horn $0 -225g none
September 7, 2010 Replaced camcain tensioner rod and ball-bearing collar $15 0 Old parts had distinct flat spots, contributing to camchain being too loose.
September 8, 2010 Installed number plates $30 +500g none
September 9, 2010 Installed belly pan $2 +1kg none
September 10, 2010 Replaced front brake line $60 0 Used stainless steel Galfer line from
November 2, 2010 Replaced stock exhaust system with used Muzzy $185 -5.2kg Found a used Muzzy system on classifieds; it may need to be repacked.
November 6, 2010 Removed left-side exhaust hanger $0 -.8kg none
November 6, 2010 Replaced stock airbox with 4" Uni filters $0 -1.1kg Also added small crankcase breather filter
December 4, 2010 Lubricated drive chain $0 0 Over-lubricated to keep the chain rust-free over the winter.
February 13, 2011 Replaced gas tank filler cap $60 -250g Replaced with Slingshot Racing screw-on cap to reduce dependence on keys.
February 15, 2011 Removed ignition switch $0 -385g Ignition now switched by high/low beam switch (install switch between white wire and brown wire, and connect grey wire to brown via 100 ohm resistor -- white is power in, brown is ignition, and grey is anti-hotwire)
February, 2011 Re-installed stock airbox $0 +1.1kg Turns out the rules require the stock airbox
April, 2011 Replaced tires ~$200 unknown Installed Pirelli MT75 tires. Note that the MT75s are not good rain tires. They do weigh quite a bit less than BT45s, but I've lost track of the weight difference.
November, 2011 Replaced coolant $10 0g Refilled with glycol coolant for winter
June 9, 2012 Installed Uni foam intake filters $0 -1.1kg Removed airbox, now that the bike isn't being raced under WMRRA rules.
June 9, 2012 Cleaned carburetors $0 0g Idle jets were completely clogged.

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