Marquart Charger Plans

All the original plan documents in one ZIP file:

Individual plan sheets:
Sheet 1 - Two View.pdf
Sheet 2 - Upper Wing Assembly.pdf
Sheet 3 - Lower Wing Assembly.pdf
Sheet 4 - Wing Ribs.pdf
Sheet 5 - Wing Spars.pdf
Sheet 6 - Upper Wing Fittings.pdf
Sheet 7 - Compression and Drag Fittings, Upper Wing Fittings.pdf
Sheet 8 - Wedge Blocks, Wing Fittings, Rib Supports.pdf
Sheet 9 - Lower Wing Fittings.pdf
Sheet 10 - Aileron Assembly and Fittings.pdf
Sheet 11 - Aileron Bellcrank and Brackets -Lower Wing Fittings.pdf
Sheet 12 - Fuselage Frame.pdf
Sheet 13 - Fuselage Details.pdf
Sheet 14 - Fuselage Details.pdf
Sheet 15 - Cowling, Formers, Stringers.pdf
Sheet 16 - Landing Gear and Engine Mount.pdf
Sheet 17 - Control Surfaces.pdf
Sheet 18 - Control Column and Rudder and Brake Pedals.pdf
Sheet 19 - Control Tubes and Trim System.pdf
Sheet 20 - Fuel Tanks and Seat.pdf
Sheet 21 - Wing Strut Assembly.pdf
Sheet 22 - Rigging and Assembly.pdf
Sheet 23 - Fairings, Covers, Weight and Balance.pdf

Related documents from the original plans:
MA-5 Materials List.pdf
MA-5 Spec Sheet.jpg
MA-5 Streamline Wire and Rigging info

Additional images:
charger-3-view.svg - A scalable vector graphic of the 3-view from the first page of the plans, by Pat Brennan

My analysis of materials required*, as spelled out in the Materials List files:
Materials for the Control Column (CSV)
Materials for the Fuselage (CSV)
Materials for the Rudder Pedals (CSV)
Materials for the Tailgroup (CSV)
Materials for the Cowling, Formers and Stringers (CSV)
Shopping list of all materials from the above CSV files
Listing of hardware called out for the wings
Shopping list of wing hardware

* Please assume that these files are inaccurate until you have confirmed them against the actual list. I've done my best to check my accuracy as I went, but there may still be mistakes in these files.

Pre-cut tubing kit is available from VR3 (aka Cartesian):
Fuselage kit (Draft) ~CDN$4000
Empennage kit (Draft) ~CDN$2300
The dollar figures mentioned above should be considered ballpark only, as of May, 2017. Contact VR3 to get an actual quote.

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